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SNog I can't tell you how painful it is for me to manage where my updates are here or how to get them then have to look up and down in my XenForo for your addons...

Please consider in the future for your wonderful updates to have some kind of nick [SNOG] AudioDB Music Thread Starter 1.0.0 with your nick in front of them so I can at least better manage them on my website for updates!

I will keep supporting you regardless you make some wonderful apps!

I would also like to have an easier time downloading the updates from your site like they are linked to my account but that's another wish list! I think the Prefix would be easier for you to accomplish!

Thanks! and this is only a wish list! ;)
If you're upgrading them from the Options list I can see how they might be hard to find there. But, on the main admin page add-ons are listed alphabetically. So finding them shouldn't be that hard even without my name in them. Clicking on an add-on name there brings up the upgrade overlay.
Well it's kind of the norm for every other major addon coders I have listed thought you could follow suite makes it a lot easier for your loyal customers!