TapaTalk Does It Again!

Funny thing is they sent me a mail about this and I meant to post it here. I will post it up later.
Dear Tapatalk Forum Community,

Today we discovered that someone had used an exploit in a third party plugin on the Tapatalk support forums, leading to the disclosure of email addresses and encrypted passwords, and possibly passwords in cleartext if you attempted to login since December 9th.

Due to this incident, please log into www.tapatalk.com/v2 and change your password.

  • Please choose a strong password, containing a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and even symbols if possible.
  • Never use the same password on more than one site. Passwords should be unique to each site they access in order to comply with basic security best practices.
No other systems appear to have been affected and we will continue to perform audits. In the meantime our support forums will be brought back online but we will be rolling back the site approximately a week as a precaution. Posts and messages since that time will not be restored in this process.

Again, all passwords have been invalidated and will no longer work. Please reset your password using the reset password page and then following the instructions provided in the email.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience,

The Tapatalk Team
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And never use it again
I don't understand why people are still using it with the responsive styles we now have. Even from the end users point of view it has proven itself to be a security risk.

I did end up loosing one of my better members when we dropped it but I do feel that there was more underlying issues here besides just topping it