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So I just tested out the Admin panel on XenForo from the XenForo Demo system.

It is very different that vB for sure.

How did everyone get on with it when they changed over from vB?
I'm finding it a bit difficult myself.
After using vB Admin panel for so long I know it inside out, but this XenForo ones is giving me a huge headache :(
Another thing I couldn't find is how to add extra blocks to the sidebar
Can that be done?
It is a bit different and I found it ok and am now into it. My other admin who is not really into the ACP found it a lot easer for some reason. To add more blocks into the side panel you need to install [bd] Widget Framework and there are a few add ons that have further support for it. Some add ons come with a side block as in the case of Snogs add ons.

So yes you can configure your own side blocks with that add on

The biggest change you will need to get your head around in XF are permissions as they are far more powerful than VB. Once you click into how they come together you will be away and it makes things so much faster and better to do that with VB. When I had my VB setup I would basically have to spend so much time trying to configure workarounds for some of my permissions but with XF I don't have that issue.
It's really pretty simple to understand...

EVERYONE (including Admins) is in the registered user group. The register user group has the base permissions for everyone.

If you add a user group to an account, you only need to add the permissions that you want the user group to have. IE: The registered user group can not delete a thread they created. So, if you want the new user group to have that ability you only need to give that group the permission to do it. You don't need to give any of the permissions the registered group already has.

For a better description read this...
What Snog said
I'd say it's the Admin CP which is holding me back from changing , the actual using the software as a member is excellent...
But the Admin CP is where I am and need to know that as best I can.
I really don't know why you would find it more difficult than VB, once it clicks it will actually come together for you much better than VB. Possibly the visual layout might be putting you off a bit. I must admit I don't even think about VB at all these days in the way that wow this feature worked better in VB
Thanks mate.
I can't even remember not knowing all the ins and outs of the vB admin panel, it's like it's always been there.
I know every permission, everything to check, every little part of the panel, so going into a blind panel like XenForo is kind of scary.
Not understanding the permissions and such, instead of just have a Yes No there's other things there which I don't understand

Like you said though, it would all come together i guess
I'm a bit of a perfectionist really, so like to know what I'm doing and how to do it and do it right...
Well I think once you do the deed you will wonder why you never did it sooner :D