The Colony

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Title: The Colony

Tagline: One day, it started to snow .. and it never stopped

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Horror

Director: Jeff Renfroe

Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers, Bill Paxton, John Tench, Atticus Mitchell, Dru Viergever, Romano Orzari, Earl Pastko, Lisa Berry, Lucius Hoyos, Michael Mando, Eric Murdoch, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Julian Richings, Charlotte Sullivan, John Healy, Kristin Shepherd, Sten Eirik, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Mitchell Nye

Release: 2013-04-12

Runtime: 95

Plot: Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature.

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I enjoyed this one but the ending was rather a let down, so I am sort of between if it is a must watch or not.