The first XF change that I really don't like

So how do you feel about this change

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Up until now all the changes that XF have done have always been for the better but removing the tabs function from the resource manage for me is a major issue especially for my private office setup.

It make me wonder what made them do this as this function I found that I would also use each time when viewing the resources on their site as well. :confused:


So I am now not sure if I want to upgrade any of my 3 sites to this version because of this change :(
That's why I don't update the RM as a whole. I selectively apply updates manually when needed.

But I wouldn't expect anyone without some PHP experience to do that.
Well since I have had them installed I have not done any updates so all my ones still have the tabs so I might be stuck on this version by the looks of it.

I still find it strange that they would have taken this feature away.
It really sucks. of course.
I miss the tabs. I hope they realize about the mistake and bring the tabs back.
And some users are clapping this "improvements".. [facepalm]
Voted, we have already 12 likes. I hope this suggesting be considered.
I sure hope so otherwise we will need to start looking for one nice coder to add it in as an add on, now who do we know that is such a nice code :D
I'm not optimistic with the suggestion. probably never will be considered.
we should start from now with Snog looking some way to keep the old school style in the tables.
Pretty sure there will be many users interested on this.
It does not look like they will bring it back
I don't know his work at all and I am starting to be a bit picky who I use as it seems things tend to just end with no apparent reason with some of these guys, I see he already has a few unmaintained mods on his list. Lucky I don't need it right now so I will just stick around and see how it goes.
Absolutely agree with you DirtRider.