Under the Dome: S03E01 - Move On


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Move On
Move On
Season: 3
Episode: 1
Air date: 2015-06-25

Guest stars: Aisha Hinds, John Elvis, Grace Victoria Cox, Marg Helgenberger, Ryan Shams, Max Ehrich, Brian Stapf, Nicholas McNeil, Shelton Grant, Megan Glover, Andrew Kochman
One year after the dome disappears, Barbie, Joe, and the other townspeople gather for a memorial. Meanwhile, a year earlier, Julia and Junior try to rescue Barbie and the others, but run afoul of Big Jim.



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Well I have finally caught up with this series and am now at Season 3 Episode 7. Unfortunately for some reason my PVR did not record this Episode 1 to the end. So it started becoming a bit confusing as to what was going on but lucky after a few more I finally got back into the swing of it all.
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