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URL paths in XenForo?

New Joe

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So i used to use VBSEO but then changed to DBSEO

I noticed here and on Xenforo site the URL structure for Threads are:

www. yoursite/threads/so-which-of-the-big-coders-are-on-xenforo.803/

But where my site with DBSEO is:

www. yousite/health-and-fitness/30684-exercising-good-health.html

So the main difference is the board's name, as in the above the board if health and fitness, which shows in the URL.

So is this possible with XenForo?


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This would be something better asked on the XF site. I'm no redirect guru. :D

New Joe

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I have done in the past, have someone Jake, i think his name is, who said he could do it, for a cost....
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