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So I went around the usual site, just to take a look, and nothing, many people requesting but zero selling

I remember you could up vB 3 and 4 license really easy in the past, i got a few bargains
Looks like everyone is happy with their XenForo licences.
I have only seen a very few going up for sale and not that often but I will keep a lookout for you if anything does come up.
I was having a discussion with some user that just purchased XF and seems she got the wrong idea what it was and could not use it. I am trying to locate that thread as she might be in the market to dump her copy.
Nope sorry mate I have gone back to February and can find nothing, so all I can think is she was causing such a stir that they may have deleted all those threads
I have many vBulletin owned licenses ranging from 3.x to 5.x if your interested lmao............

Seriously though. I have seen a couple listed over the past few months (i started looking after porting over my first board) but they were gone before I could get back to them on payday. I'll send you a PC here if I come across any because I just went ahead and paid the $140 for each. Only 1 site left to port over.

Side note: I must say it was a most welcomed surprise on the ease of import from vbulletin to xf. Even on my larger boards.
How did your member take the change over as I found my ones seemed to like the new setup
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I have 3 vB licences and use 2 of them the other one just not bothered about it...
I won't sell any of them just leave them be..

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I think i will just go with the $140 one from Xenforo too....
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It's really been a mix. Don't like the change at first but once I tweak some css add a few modifications and they get used to they seem to like it more. Staff has been another issue. My best friend right now is Camtasia and video tutorials lol. I'm definitely getting my moneys worth with the resources add-on.