Well I have gone and done it now!!

You going to have fun playing with it, so let us know how it goes.
Will do
So far got the skin installed, and a few mods
Need to install some more, then set a few things up
Then going to do a test import see if that works ok with having things installed first...
Be back later with results from that....
Yip I think that would be the way to go :D
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I asked this over on Xenforo, and I know it's the proper way to do it but a poster said he'd set up his Forum before hand and then did the import without any problems.
What could be a problem doing it that way?
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If an add-on modifies the database it could in theory crash an import. Not likely, but possible.

And it's always best to start off with a clean XF install and import. That way when you install an add-on and a problem comes up you can almost always track the problem to the add-on.
A few things that helped me along.

First LISTEN to snog lol.

  • Install Xenforo. Before you do absolutely anything else run your import. Do a practice run on a test installation.
  • When installing 3rd party skins / themes. Install the Theme as a parent. Then create a new child theme. Disable the Parent so members can't choose it. NEVER modify the parent. Work and make your modifications on the child theme.
  • With the way permissions work with Xenforo. Much easier but can be irritating to wrap your head around because EVERYONE is a registered user. Never change someones primary usergroup (Thanks for that info Snog). Break out an excel spreadsheet and put all your permissions in/usergroups, etc. Then it make it so much easier to set permissions up. If you would like it I can send you my spreadsheet since it's most the way done (I didn't put staff permissions in the file).

Enjoy and Have fun.
Some good advice there Dex
Many thanks. I still blame Snog for my switching to Xenforo. I really wanted to make use of The TV and Movie mods in my review sections and he stopped supporting vBulletin.

Can't remember blame him though as vBulletin has been going downhill for quite a while now. Regardless, I am in love with forum software once more and only have 1 site left to port over now.
Well I did the test import after installing some add ons and setting up things.
Looks like I was lucky there was no crashing of the data base and all went smooth.
It was only a test anyway, but it was good to get to know about everything for when I do it for real in the future.

Still lots of playing to be done....
Did you want that excel permissions spreadsheet? Save you some typing and formatting.

If you do just pc me an email to send it to and I'll get it over to you.
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Thanks for that I'll PC you about ti

As for me, well done a few more test imports, done lots of playing and installing of add ons and editing templates and such.
All good fun.
Got it down to around 2 hours to get the site imported and ready to use with all the add ons installed....
Sounds like you really getting into it then
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Yep, I just need to decide on the Skin
I like the one i have installed but i also like another one but I'd like the blue color to be a little different, waiting on the skin coder to get back with a reply on the Thread.

The one I have at the moment is this free skin:


Which I like the blue on it compared with the blue on the other.
Which one out of the 2 do you guys prefer?
The answer to the question you're asking about xenbook is yes.

You can change the colors used in any style by going to Admin->Appearance->Style Properties and selecting 'Color Palette'.

Any colors not handled there should be in the other style properties for the style or the CSS style sheets in the templates for the style.

If there are graphics used, you would obviously need to change the graphics.

If you don't want to go through that trouble, then the second style would probably be your better choice.
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Yes this is not what I want to get into really..

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As long as it's easy to change the colors then that's fine...
But as for the second style, that's what I am using now, and it's vey simple, as it's just based off the xenforo style, there really weren't many files for that skin at all...
Well I've played, imported, deleted . then started again, imported and played.
Bought my main style, customized it to how i want it.
got a free dark style for the darker posters.

I think i am ready.
Maybe tomorrow I will do it all for real.
Hoping all goes smooth....
Well good luck with it and be sure to let us know how it went with a link to the new setup