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Genre: Western, Science Fiction

Director: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy

Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Clifton Collins Jr., Fares Fares, Luke Hemsworth, Katja Herbers, Louis Herthum, Simon Quarterman, Talulah Riley, Rodrigo Santoro, Angela Sarafyan, Gustaf Skarsgård, Shannon Woodward

First aired:

Overview: A dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, it explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

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This is on Netflix and I am just waiting for them to add more content before I start watching it.
We've watched the first season and really liked it.

But, we dropped our HBO Now subscription and haven't seen any of the second season yet.
The Original
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Air date: 2016-10-02

Guest stars: Eddie Rouse, Kyle Bornheimer, Louis Herthum, Bridgid Coulter, Regi Davis, Mataeo Mingo, Trevante Rhodes, Micky Shiloah, Keller Wortham, Olivia May, Alex Marshall-Brown, Jeffrey Muller, Brook Kerr, Bradley Snedeker, Patrick Quinlan, Bianca Lopez, Molly Schreiber, Stefanie Chin, Joshua Sawtell, Nihan Gur, Jackie Moore, Bradford Tatum, Timothy Lee DePriest, Michael Wincott, Brian Howe, Demetrius Grosse, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Steven Ogg, Lena Georgas, Currie Graham, Ptolemy Slocum, Leonardo Nam
As another day of fantasy plays out in Westworld - a vast, remote park where guests pay top dollar to share wild-west adventures with android "hosts" -, top programmer Bernard Lowe alerts park founder Dr. Robert Ford about incidents of aberrant behavior cropping up in some recently re-coded hosts. Meanwhile, in the Westworld town of Sweetwater, a rancher's daughter named Dolores encounters a gunslinger named Teddy in the street - but their predictable narrative is upended by the appearance of a ruthless Man in Black and, later, by a supporting host's unscripted encounter with an artifact of the outside world.

Season: 1
Episode: 2
Air date: 2016-10-09

Guest stars: Louis Herthum, Talulah Riley, Jackie Moore, Christopher Cedeño, Sal Lopez, Will Pinson Rose, Eric Ramey, Nanrisa Lee, Carlos E. Campos, Diana Toshiko, Kiki McCleary, Nathalia Castellon, Patrick Gorman, Granville Ames, Tim Fox, Christine Weatherup, Lucas Kwan Peterson, Josh Clark, Bradley Fisher, Tai Bennett, Mike Bash, Oliver Bell, Price Carson, Ptolemy Slocum, Leonardo Nam, Izabella Alvarez, Olga Aguilar, Jasmyn Rae
A pair of guests, first-timer William and repeat visitor Logan, arrive at Westworld with different expectations and agendas. Bernard and Quality Assurance head Theresa Cullen debate whether a recent host anomaly is contagious. Meanwhile, behavior engineer Elsie Hughes tweaks the emotions of Maeve, a madam in Sweetwater's brothel, in order to avoid a recall. Cocky programmer Lee Sizemore pitches his latest narrative to the team, but Dr. Ford has other ideas. The Man in Black conscripts a condemned man, Lawrence, to help him uncover Westworld's deepest secrets.

The Stray
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Air date: 2016-10-16

Guest stars: Louis Herthum, Talulah Riley, Bradford Tatum, Bojana Novaković, Timothy Lee DePriest, Bruno Gunn, Darrel Cherney, Kanin Howell, Tait Fletcher, Tom Proctor, Travis Johns, Joshua Dov, Chris Mollica, Dusty Sorg, Travis Hammer, Con Schell, Chris Browning, Brian Howe, Demetrius Grosse, Bradley Fisher, Shvona Lavette Chung, Eddie Shin, Sorin Brouwers, Sheldon Coolman, Paul Fox, Steven Ogg, Ward Roberts, Gina Torres, Paul-Mikél Williams
Elsie and her colleague Ashley Stubbs head into the hills in pursuit of a missing host. Teddy gets a new backstory, which sets him off in pursuit of a new villain, leaving Dolores alone in Sweetwater. Bernard investigates the origins of madness and hallucinations within the hosts. William finds an attraction he'd like to pursue and drags Logan along for the ride.