Where will i get Updates?


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Hi Snog,

I have purchased the Browser/OS Addon, and i think about to buy your Paypal Donation System too. I have only 2 Questions: Why is your Paypal Addon not listed on XenForo.com & from where i get further Updates? (Download here, or Email...)


PS: Do you know how to install a TS3? Maybe you can help me: http://xenforo.com/community/posts/771558/
The PayPal Balance/Donation System isn't on the XenForo site because I want to keep support for it all in one place. If I post it on the XF site, support and information will be split between two sites which just makes it harder to follow.

Updates for it come from here and there shouldn't be any downloads needed when there is an update. You would just run the install script to get the latest version. The best thing you can do is to watch the thread for the system so you are notified if there is a update that needs to be installed.

I haven't worked with TeamSpeak in over ten years, so I wouldn't be the best choice to work with it now. ;)
Hey Snog Snog

I purchased your Paypal System. Is it in your Addon not Possible just to use this Addon for Donations, without Account Upgrades? I am playing around a little bit now. :)

// hmpf, i dont know how this User Upgrade works.
// Ah, i think i got it. :9

Now, i need someone who test this on my Forum! :oops:
It might be termed user upgrades by XF, but you can create one without any change in user groups if you want. And that would then be just a donation.
Sorry when i contact you again, Snog. My Host sucks, they cant fix a DNS PTR Proplem, and cant install Teamspeak....so i decided to take another Host. Is there any Conflict with the Addons, when i change my Forum to a new IP?