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Just checking to see if the following mods are compatible with XF 2.2. I'm waiting for the stable release but just wanted to make sure.

No Contact Us For Guests 1.0.0
Amazon/eBay URL parser 2.1.0
Country Flags by IP Address 2.1.3
First Post Edit Time Limit 2.0.1
Prefix Actions 2.0.4
Raffles 2.0.11

I also have a custom mod by Snog Snog , can I PM you the details?
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I was literally about to make this post. I've been thinking of updating my site to 2.2. Was wondering if the Game, TV, and Movie addons work properly.
The only thing that would need to be done on the user end for the Movie/TV/Music/Games thread starters is to turn off the Poll thread type for the forums they are used in.
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I take it from this that both of the addon's will work just fine when 2.2 is final with just that checkbox for polls being removed? I don't have polls activated for my Movie and TV Show forums, so this would not be an issue. I'm looking forward to 2.2 and was wondering about these two addons.