[OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address

[OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address 2.2.1 Patch Level 3

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2.2.1 Patch Level 3:
- Fix: check $user is not array in member_list_macros template modification
2.2.1 Patch Level 2:
- Fix: avoid "call canViewCountryFlag() on null" in template modification
2.2.1 Patch Level 1:
Fixed incorrect flag display condition
  • Added
    output in user REST API results
  • Added ability to set forced custom flag in ACP
  • Fixed "call on null" errors in template modifications
  • Fixed N+1 DB query behavior on some forum pages
  • Code refactor
2.2.0 Patch Level 4.:
- Fixied XF 2.2.13 template modification compatibility
2.2.0 Patch Level 1:
- Fix: incorrect cron job class name
- Now requires XF 2.2+
- PHP 8 compatibility
- Removed useless Cloudflare Middleware
- Refactor Maxmind API integration
- Fix: check "last-modified" header for GeoIP Database file before updating
- GeoIP Database file moved to "internal-data" and mounted to own filesystem for compatibility with XF setups with external storage
Fixed: post_macros template modification to hopefully be more compatible with all styles.
Changed: Addon name to [OzzModz] Country Flags by IP Address
Added: Support link for addon in the addon list in the ACP.
Reverted the changes that were made in 2.1.2. The changes were not designed to do what I thought they did.

Fixed a display issue on smaller devices if you had the position of the flags to be shown below the username.