[OzzModz] Forum Content List Tabs

[OzzModz] Forum Content List Tabs 2.0.3

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.2
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XenForo 2.2.0+

Enhance your forum browsing experience with tabbed content lists


Highly Customizable Content List Tabs

The addon allows you to create tabs with various content types and a bunch of filters and display options. Use a huge number of content filters and display style settings for detailed customisation to meet the needs of your community.

User criteria support

The tabs can be hidden from view with user criteria

Dynamic Content Counters

Tabs can display a label with a counter of the total amount of content, allowing the user to always see where new content has appeared.

️ Widget Integration

By default, the tabs are embedded on the forum node list page. You can disable this in the options and use the widget instead. Place content list tabs anywhere you like on your forum!

Font Awesome icons support

Customizable with various color options to match your forum's theme.

Dynamic Loading

Enjoy seamless browsing with dynamic tab content loading via AJAX. No need for page refreshes. Additional content can also be loaded dynamically with the "more items" button in tab pane.

️ User Preferences

Ability to personalize a user tab list by enabling or disabling tab displays in their account preferences.

Tab Persistence

Never lose track of your browsing journey by remembering the last tab you opened via cookies

Supported content types to display:







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