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[OzzModz] Game Thread Starter 2.1.8

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  1. 2.1
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Do you run a game review or discussion site? Always copying and pasting information from The Games Database to your new threads? Or, maybe you just want a place on your site to discuss games with friends.

Then this add-on is for you!

The TGDB Thread Starter allows you to enter the game ID or the entire link to the game at at TheGamesDB.net into your new thread, add whatever comments you like and post the new thread. The TGDB Thread Starter will import all of the information for your game into a header for the new thread.

  • Makes the new thread title the name of the game.
  • Automatically populates a header for the thread with the game box cover and information.
  • Automatically displays the game box cover and information in forum thread list.
  • Checks for duplicate games and changes a new thread to a post in existing thread if found
  • Ability to search Genre, Platform and Title in forum thread list.
  • Information shown in forum thread list is admin selectable.
  • Choose multiple forums as game forums.
  • Limit forums to specific game genres.
  • Limit forums to specific game platforms.
  • In place editing of game information
  • Added edit game user group permission
  • Images are now all stored locally to remove some of the load from TheGamesDB site
WARNING: If you are upgrading from the XF 1.x version, you must have been running version 1.0.3 or later of the XF 1.x add-on AND you must have been storing game images locally before upgrading to XenForo 2.0. If you weren't running that version, you will be unable to upgrade to this XF 2.x version. In addition, if you weren't storing game images locally your images will no longer be displayed in existing game threads and you will need to start your game threads over again.

NOTE: The TGDb API now has some strict limits on the number of queries a site can make per month (1500). There is nothing I can do about that. If you use your query limit, you should be presented with an error from TGDb.

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