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I don't know the structure behind it, but probably you have a table with add-ons and a last_update date.
If my list of downloads is connected to this table, there could be the last_update compared to last_downloaded.
If last_downloaded is earlier than last_update, we use color=red somewhere and the world would be a better one. :)

Please take a look to "post as user"; PB was talking about an option I don't have to send conversations without the original user.


Please take a look to PostEditAlert; I have rewritten this add-on, now it works for me i hope;
check of ignored and forum should be in editor.

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Please take a look to react as user; to react has to be a one-click-solution, nobody has time to open a form and type in a name for a reaction.
Instead have an option, please:

Option: use one user to react like normal. Choose user[________________________________]
People who want to fake many reactions could use the form, but an admin who wants to be a person also would like to react as a person, while using the admin/moderator login to work.