Jennifer Rush


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Title: Jennifer Rush
Artist: Jennifer Rush
Genre: Pop-Rock
Released: 1984

1 - Madonna's Eyes - 3:33
2 - 25 Lovers - 3:38
3 - Come Give Me Your Hand - 3:50
4 - Nobody Move - 3:16
5 - Never Gonna Turn Back Again - 3:29
6 - Ring of Ice - 3:50
7 - Into My Dreams - 4:03
8 - I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy) - 4:23
9 - Surrender - 3:16
10 - The Power of Love - 6:01

'Based in Germany, Rush teamed up with producers Candy DeRouge and Gunther Mende and released the first two singles from this album; "Into My Dreams" and "Come Give Me Your Hand" in 1983. It was in 1984 however that she found her first success with the hit "25 Lovers". This was followed by "Ring of Ice" and then with the song she would become famous the world over for - "The Power of Love". In 1985 the song became a massive success and reached No.1 in the UK for five weeks, selling well over a million copies. It was at the time the biggest selling single ever by a female artist and is still one of the biggest selling singles ever. Success in her native US proved elusive however as the single was just a minor hit.'
Well I am not a huge fan of her music but I do particularly enjoy this album. The power she puts behind The Power of Love is absolutely stunning

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