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Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative is a space combat MMO in which players pilot spacecraft. Players accumulate wealth through mining, trade, and combat. Funds are used to purchase upgrades for their craft. The game divides space into sectors containing asteroids and space stations. Travel between sectors takes place via jumpgates.

PvP Combat
PvE Combat
Persistant Universe encompassing over 150 sectors
3 playable factions
2 non-playable factions
Joystick support
Players: 4+
Co-op: Yes
Genre: Flight Simulator, MMO, Role-Playing, Shooter
Publisher: 3DO
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Their database is kind of funny. When I added that game it would only let me enter players 4+ when it got here it says 4.
Yeah It's kind of weird. They also don't have space sim category. I'm not sure what's up with them. Forums are closed and their email bounces back.
There is no 'space sim' category in any of the game databases I've seen.
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I'm not saying it does. But it's up to the individual database, or the game industry to come up with a standard for genres.

It's like your argument about the TV database...

While it is true that you can have fantasy that's not sci-fi...

It is also true you can NOT have sci-fi that's not fantasy.

So, either the TV Database opted to combine them into one genre, or the TV industry did.
I understand that. I'm not saying it's your fault. Just having a discussion. As a gamer and someone who has run a lot of gaming sites for that past 20+ years I'm just saying it's odd how they did that. The standard on most sites is just to have "Simulation" which covers more things without being overly specific.