[OzzModz] Buy Tag

[OzzModz] Buy Tag [Paid] 2.0.0 Beta 1

No permission to buy ($40.00)
I have no idea what the differences are or which is better, I’ve not used the other addon.

That one is only $8 less than this one for lifetime license.
Hello, can I ask for help here for the Buy Tag plugin? Or is there an extra section for this?
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Perfect thank you.

So I am always told that there is a problem:
Please enter a valid message.

No matter if I write pure text or use additional BBCodes (in the BUY tag).

Do I have to configure anything else?
Rhaven Rhaven What version are you using?

PS: I don't see that you purchased this addon. If you bought it from me before, please send details of the purchase in a private message with me and Ozzy47 ozzy47.
Version: 2.0.0 Buy Tag
Xenforo: 2.2.8

I bought it today. Here on the forum.

PM I sent anyway.
I see what is causing this.
Before a message is sent, it is rendered in simple HTML (that disabled for this BB-code to avoid contents leakage).

I'll think about what I can do with this...
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Okay, Thank you!

It would be great if that would be possible to include BBCodes there.

Because I wanted to enter code snippets (Java) there and then provide them with the *CODE* tag.
It works with other BB-codes.
Just need the text outside of [BUY] tag to send the message.


Have I done something wrong now?

Because it does not work for me.
Oh WOW. now I understand. I still need something outside the tag.
Who can read, is clearly at an advantage

Now it works :D