[OzzModz] Floating Menu

[OzzModz] Floating Menu [Paid] 2.2.1

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Can you fix the bug where the link doesn't apply to the icon? I have the icon working as well and it won't show in the button and it comes out as white.
When I click the floating rectangular label it works but the circle button doesn't.
You're right. I twokrs on default style but on my custom style it omits the "::before" styling. Any workaround to fix this? So basically, the font awesome icon isn't rendering.

ozzy47 ozzy47 any insight on this? Keeping me from launching my site, really needed this to work.
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This does work. The custom style you have is interfering with it. It's not a problem or a bug with the add-on.

Suggest the developer of the custom style figure out how the style is interfering, likely it will interfere with other add-ons too.
Yea I thought you'd say that. Fair enough but would really appreciate any insight at least on how to go about troubleshooting this.