[OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads

[OzzModz] Force Users To Read Threads 2.0.9 Patch Level 1

No permission to download
not works on my side on XF 2.2
nope! no error in logs & no conflict. installed add on, enabled in group permission. what next?
can not see any option on any thread
nicely done! thanks a lot!
How can I exclude user groups? I only want new members who are only in the "Registered" user group with no secondary user groups to be forced to read a thread.
New users are promoted to a secondary user-group after X amount of posts. If I set the "Minimum Posts" to X and choose the Registered user group, will that force users with less than X posts then?
Also, I installed the addon and didn't set up anything yet because I was waiting to hear back on the questions I posted above. I stepped away for a bit and came to a bunch of PMs and Emails from members missing the reply box.

While I was away, some found a way to post a reply. I wonder if they uncovered a bug for when it is configured.
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Bug report for version: 2.0.8

On my test board, when you choose "Any Usergroup" nothing happens. I switch it to Registered, then I get the page that tells you to read the thread.