Blowin' Your Mind!


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Title: Blowin' Your Mind!
Artist: Van Morrison
Genre: Blues
Released: 1967

1 - Brown Eyed Girl - 3:03
2 - He Ain't Give You None - 5:13
3 - T.B. Sheets - 9:44
4 - Spanish Rose - 3:06
5 - Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) - 2:57
6 - Ro Ro Rosey - 3:03
7 - Who Drove the Red Sports Car? - 5:35
8 - Midnight Special - 2:51

Blowin' Your Mind! is the solo debut album by Northern Irish musician Van Morrison, released in 1967. It was recorded 28–29 March 1967 and contained his first solo pop hit "Brown Eyed Girl". It was included by Rolling Stone as one of the 40 Essential Albums of 1967.

Morrison does not regard this record as a true album, as Bert Berns compiled and released it without his consent. A few months previously, Morrison signed a contract that surrendered virtually all control of the material he would record with Bang Records. The songs were recorded in March 1967 and had been intended to be released on four separate singles. The album jacket became notorious as a model of bad taste. It featured a strange swirl of circling brown vines (and drug connotation) surrounding a sweaty looking Morrison. Greil Marcus described it as a "monstrously offensive, super psychedelic far out out-of-sight exploding" design. Morrison's then-wife, Janet Planet, said "He never has been, never will be anything approaching a psychedelic user - wants nothing to do with it, wants nothing to do with any drug of any kind". As the singer recalls, "I got a call saying it was an album coming out and this is the cover. And I saw the cover and I almost threw up, you know."
This has a nice selection of his songs on it
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