Can the Can


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Title: Can the Can
Artist: Suzi Quatro
Genre: Rock
Released: 1973

1 - 48 Crash - 3:58
2 - Glycerine Queen - 3:51
3 - Shine My Machine - 3:53
4 - Official Suburban Superman - 3:09
5 - I Wanna Be Your Man - 3:23
6 - Primative Love - 4:14
7 - All Shook Up - 3:52
8 - Sticks and Stones - 3:43
9 - Skin Tight Skin - 4:23
10 - Get Back Mamma - 5:58
11 - Rockin' Moonbeam - 2:56
12 - Shakin' All Over - 3:35
13 - Can the Can - 3:35

'"Can the Can" is the second solo single by Suzi Quatro and her first to reach number one in the UK, spending a single week at the top of the chart in June 1973. It also reached number one on the European and Australian charts in whose market Quatro achieved her most consistent success throughout her career as a recording artist. The single belatedly became a hit in the US peaking at number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. It was re-released as a B-side single in 1984 but didn't chart. The single hit the charts again in 1987 in the UK at number 87, it also appeared on her 1995 album What Goes Around.

This single made Quatro the first female bass guitar player to become a major rock star and so broke a barrier to women's participation in rock music'
Well if you never had a copy of her music back then you were just very out
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