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[OzzModz] Advanced Forms [Paid] 2.2.4 Beta 5

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Any custom capability for a entered form, to then populate a table? I am desiring to use this form to create a log of entered actions. Similarly to a Flightlog. An example can be shown here: https://www.firstfighterwing.com/xFlightLog/

Any workarounds to publish submitted form data?
Not without custom development. This addon lets you save the answers in your database. With custom development you could then grab these records from db and present it however it fits you.
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Thankyou. Any other tools in the XenForo world that you would recommend to utilize tables within the software for data output for the users to see?
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Well... You ask the right person because I am also looking for such a tool. There is none.

XF lacks content delivery features. I criticized it many times but nobody seems to care. Those with money do custom developments for such things, and that is your only option.
Dang. Yeah that was a huge plus with vBulliton... alot of mods to do some special things with databases in the system. I guess my only option then is to hire a dev. All I need, is a simple Flight Log system that publishes entered data overtime... lol
Does this add-on use up physical disc space for each form submitted?

I wanna use this as a way of accepting a partnership application but don't want to run out of physical disc space.
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I mean disk space should be your last of your concerns because the submitted form is created either as a post, thread or conversation.

So it is the same as one person writes a post or creates a thread. Whatever byte it costs the database to save such an entry from core XF side, it is the same from this addon.
Is it possible with the advanced forms....

User Group Registered >> They answer a question in the form CORRECTLY >> They automatically get promoted to a new secondary user group ??

If they dont answer it correctly they dont get promoted
(Posted on XF too, but realized I should probably post here...)

Maybe I've overlooked something, but is there something in the settings somewhere to not repeat files/images uploaded in a form that displays result as a thread.
  • Using WYSIWYG Editor Field
  • Using 1 File Upload Attachment Field
The issue is that files (set as: In message - full size) repeat themselves. In the primary context of the content written in WYSIWYG, the files/images appear as planned but then the same image/files are repeated in the form (unnecessarily).

Ideally, we'd just like to hide the Attachment field results since they already appear in the primary content written in WYSIWYG field. (The file upload field is required to attach images, but we can't mute the duplicating output...)


(Edit: NGINX, XF 2.2.11, PHP 8.0.x, AF Version 2.2.0 Beta 18)
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With the assistance of S sbj the setting for file upload was changed to 'as attachment'


To temporarily solve the issue of the repeated images in the editor after form submission. Users must use the 'Insert Image' icon on the editor to put images inline or otherwise they just are literal attachments if using the standard file upload field that's required to attach files/images to a form submission.

I would like to see one improvement here:
- Enable the true usage of the 'in message' (as above) options under file upload so that users can insert images normally.

On a separate note:
- The draft function the editor is sorely missed in the forms entry page where the editor is actually used. Users are accustomed to the usual XF editor that has the active draft function.

I think we'd be willing to help fund some changes, but I guess it depends on how much effort is required and if it's even feasible.

Thanks again for your support.
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Its not difficult is it

Question 4+1 = (answer in decimal)

Answer = 5

So easy to have it automated just put the answer in for the appropriate questions - 1 answer not billions
Bug report form is not working for me,

I am having this error:

Oops! We ran into some problems.
The requested thread could not be found.
Hi, I'm not sure whether this is a bug or if I'm simply doing something incorrectly.

Currently, my layout for a form I am presenting is this:

- Primary Question (This question stems to two conditional questions, the one below and another)
- Conditional Question (If answered no to the above)
- Further Conditional Questions from the above.

For some reason, question two appears regardless of the option chosen on the primary question.

Does this appear to be an error on my part or a bug?

This is how the backend looks:


Front end:

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It looks like a bug but can you again explain and repeat by using QID (or simply the question name)?

I can't follow what you were trying to do. Saying "Primary question" means nothing, tell me which questions exactly so I can look at your setup.
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QID 323 has two conditional questions attached to it. It is a "Yes/No" question. "Rate Activity (Forum):" shows when someone selects "YES" and does not appear when someone selects "NO". QID 332 or "Forum Registration:" is suppose to show when someone selects "NO", however it appears regardless of what you choose. QID 332 also has conditional questions attached to it, "Forum Difficulty:" and "Forum Disinterest:" which work as intending, only popping up when the appropriate selection is chosen.

My apologies for not including that, it was getting late and I wasn't thinking of how that would be hard to follow.
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1. Create a Yes/No question and let's call it "Q1".
2. Create a conditional question (C1) based on the answer "Yes" from Q1.
3. Create a conditional question (C2) based on the answer "No" from Q1.


This is Q1 on front-end.

Now if you choose "Yes" to Q1, then C1 appears.

---> Works as intended.

If you choose "No" to Q1, then C2 should appear, right?
---> It doesn't work. Nothing happens.


Problem: This is because C2 is always displayed. But it should only appear when "No" is picked (since it is conditional).

Look, I didn't choose an answer and C2 can be seen:


Let's choose "Yes", even then C2 is seen.