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[OzzModz] Advanced Forms [Paid] 2.2.4 Beta 6

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THANK YOU. It looks like this fixed our problem.
We now are back to our original problem (we upgraded to RC 4 in hopes it would fix it).

That issue is that the "Agreement" answer type does not show the checkbox on mobile (Safari and Chrome).


The box seems to show up fine on desktop/laptop browsers.

In case it's relevant: we are using ThemeHouse UI.X 2.
Hi all,

a question: in the QUESTION type >editor WYSIWYG is it possibile to have the preview button?

Thank you. The addon is used by 300.000 user into my board and this is a frequently asked question.

I am writing to suggest a new feature that I believe would be a valuable addition to your form addon: a drag and drop multiple choice function on the front end.

Currently, the form addon allows users to create forms with various types of fields, but it lacks the ability to add a drag and drop multiple choice function on the front end. This feature would be a great addition to the form addon and would make it much more user-friendly.

Adding a drag and drop multiple choice function on the front end would allow users to easily answer questions by simply dragging and dropping their chosen answer into place. This would make the process of filling out forms much more interactive and enjoyable for users. It would also save time and effort, as users would not have to click radio buttons or checkboxes to select their answer.

This feature would be particularly useful for forms that require users to rank their choices, such as surveys or feedback forms. With a drag and drop multiple choice function, users would be able to easily arrange their answers in the order of preference, rather than having to select each answer individually.

I believe that adding a drag and drop multiple choice function on the front end would be a great feature for your form addon. It would improve the user experience and make filling out forms more efficient and interactive. I urge you to consider this suggestion and look forward to seeing this feature implemented in the near future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Installed on a staging forum I get back this error when trying to access to forms.
Hi, I have a simple request if at all possible.

I want to be able to change the "Approve" phrase without affecting core xenForo usage of the phrase. I don't really know where else the xenForo phrase is used, but I assume it's for moderator actions approving registrations/threads.

I see the phrase "snog_forms_deny" exists for "Deny", is there any possibility for a "snog_forms_approve" to be created instead of piggybacking off the xenForo default approve phrase?

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Did you updated XF too? This method was added in XF 2.2.13
It is likely that this style update is intended for latest XF update.
Hi, I'm just getting started with Advanced Forms. Two problems:
1. I cant get Forms to appear in the navigation tab despite having clicked the box in Types. It also shows ticked in Navigation.
2. I have embedded a direct link to my test form in a post, but get an "Oops - You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action." despite having myself listed in the user criteria."
We are using XF2 2.2.4

Help please!
Is this the right place to ask for support on the Advanced Forms add-on?
Brilliant, many thanks that has sorted it. I didn't spot that step in your documentation.
Regards, Mike
Is it possible to put prices against questions (incl multiple choice questions), and then add up those selected (including multiples chosen in any one item) to a total?
Is there a possibility to then link that into a payment system like PayPal?

Is it possible to forward the report of a completed form to an email address specified as an answer to one of the questions?
That would allow me to send a copy of the form report to the user who filled in the form.

Regards, Mike