[OzzModz] Content Badges: DBTech Credits Integration

[OzzModz] Content Badges: DBTech Credits Integration 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

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Apologies in advance, i just haven't yet been able to work out where to post support related matters/info that may potentially be useful for you guys/gals.

i keep getting the same error whenever attempting to setup the Xenaddon's Showcase, and this is after Painbaker Painbaker kindly went to the trouble of creating a resolution which has been installed.
Should i completely uninstall whichever [OzzMods] add-on this error pertains to, and only reinstall it after setting up the Showcase thing?

lmfao, i'm pretty sure i am missing something simple and probably glaringly obvious to ya'll powerful computer Wizards/Wizardesses