[OzzModz] Registration Invites

[OzzModz] Registration Invites [Paid] 2.0.3 Patch Level 2

No permission to buy ($20.00)
Is it possible to catch also the buyers email adress when he gives a different email adress as on the payment profiles email adress ?
The problem seems to be matching the emails if someone uses a different email address via (for example) paypal than the one they give in the forum. I know many people (also me) who have problems with e-mails in which e-mails from the forum are not sent.
In this case, the invite keys would have to be sent manually if someone does not remember the key and hopes to get it by mail anyway.
So is there any way to get arrount such prolem ? Maybe with a function that opens a new tab with the key or with a automatically txt file download in wich the key is showing ?

That would be an absolute improvement in such case.
Thanks alot for all your great work and the support you givin in the forums !!
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We can't do this because not all payment providers send information about the buyer's email, or do it to the callback script only after the user has redirected to the success page.

The addon already redirects to the page with auto-refresh that checks the status of the payment and redirects user to the registration page with the filled invite key input if payment was successful.
On Register dont show any for invite code


maybe some option to send user invite key via email ?
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Make sure template modifications are applied to your style



If you have 0/0/0 on "register_form" - there may be a conflict of template modifications
If not, click on this element to check which of the styles it not being applied.
That's very odd
Can you PM me a link to your site? And if possible with admin login details
I will check what else could be the problem
local, fresh installation (win64 with wampserver) mysql8 / php8
i do some fresh install now, no results same problem

seems bugy, disabled Buy Keys and show me