[OzzModz] Thread Type Rating Competition

[OzzModz] Thread Type Rating Competition [Paid] 2.0.2

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Hi - this doesn't seem to be working for me on 2.22. The voting is off. I have the competition started. The thread says voting but you con't have an option to vote. It shows a zero.

I've double checked permissions and they are set correctly.

Need help as my competition is underway.
It seems that the set start date and end competition are not set correctly.

Start voting should mean that no more posts are allowed and people should start to vote. The system should allow voting.

End competition should be stop voting and calculate winner and lock the thread.

The thread isn't marked voting but it allows me to vote now. It is set to begin competition on Dec 31 but is allowing votes now.

Appreciate you looking into this as it's the first competition I'm running and this type of bug will cause members to lose confidence in the voting mechanism. Thanks.
I purchased it here. Where do I look for my license?
Thanks. Just so I don't make a mistake, can you please confirm my understanding?

1. I want to run a contest that allows people to submit attachments for 3 weeks. For example, Jan 1 - 24.
2. After the 3 weeks, the forum should open up voting. Ideally, the thread wouldn't allow more posts after this point.
3. The voting should be for 1 week and then end and calculate the winner. For example, Jan 24 - 31.

How would I set up the thread to accomplish the above?

Start competition would be Jan 1? What about the close competition? Jan 24 or Jan 31?

This addon was not intended to close the thread for new replies.
Closing a competition only disables the ability to vote after the specified date. Opening - when the ability to vote will be available.
I am enjoying trying out this add-on.

One thing I noticed is that the permission "can view post ratings" controls both who voted and the competition winner.


Can we have a separate permission for seeing who voted and can see who won? I think that makes more sense.

Another thing that would require more work, but I would be nice if it worked similar to how solutions work. Change the rating system to up votes. Whichever post gets the most up votes wins. Just a thought.

I also agree with A ArtG that we shuld be able to set it to close the thread once voting ends.

Thank you for your consideration.
Is there any way to rebuild counts? If you swap from displaying 'average post ratings' to the 'sum of the ratings' the top-rated post doesn't reflect the score counts. Unless it recalculates when the competition ends?
Hello, is it possible to implement that the start and end date of the competition starts after X posts in the thread?

This would be so that the competitions start and end automatically after x users have published.
It's been 7 months and I haven't received any kind of response, it's unfortunate and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

I really like the plugin, but it would be ideal if you also added the option for the competition to start after X replies on the post and close after X replies.