[OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration

[OzzModz] Verify Email Before Registration [Paid] 2.0.8

No permission to buy ($10.00)
Is there anti-spamming feature for this add-on?

What if people/bots make tons of fake email verification requests? Will that make my domain banned?
I got the following in acp log:

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The avatar gallery is actually not in the log. It's the problem of copy and paste in mobile phone which copies everything in the error list that includes other errors. I can't properly copy the error log with my phone. Will do it with a PC later.

The avatar gallery did clash with this add-on which caused a standard xenforo error page when I clicked Register.

I'll look into it, not able to replicate that yet, but I will get it fixed somehow. Might be a small bit of time,the weather is going to keep me busy for the next 24+ hrs.

Hopefully by the weekend I can have something.
Yes disabling Justin Email Check does eliminate the error.

So this add-on clashes with those 2 add-ons.
Just found i actually do not need Justin's email check as I'm using your email whitelist add-on.

But avatar gallery is a problem. I wish you could make it work with it.

Thanks a lot.
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The developer of the email check add-on would be required to handle the various exceptions GuzzleHttp will throw.
Hello, i would purchase some of your addons, but the problem is that i am not able to pay with PayPal since they doesn't offer their service in my country. Is there any other payment options avalible ?
May Lilke CreditCard or Crypto currenty ?