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No promises as to when it will be done, but I've done a quick test of a TV Thread Starter and it looks promising...

Wow this one looks cool, thanks. I wondered what you were busy working on now :D
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LOL, that's not what I'm working on. I just did a quick test of the API.

It will be a while before I start on it.
:oops: and here I am getting all excited as my 3 members might just be into TV seeing they not into movies :D How about a book one like this I know they can read :p
My main targets for the thread starter series are Movies, TV and Music.. in that order. Movies are done, and the TV API is just now coming to life.

Books weren't on the list. But I'll probably look into it at some time.
Well I sure will be looking for the music one, are the all going to be separate mods or all worked into the same mod
Due to major differences in the information returned from the TV API, as it looks right now, they will each be separate.

Besides that, I don't see the point of charging more for an add-on that does things some people may not want. For example, your people aren't into movies, so why should you pay more for the add-on for TV discussions because it contains the capability to start movie threads?
Besides that, I have some ideas for the TV thread starter that just aren't useful with other types of media.

Such as 'Reply with Episode' where you can post episode information in a reply to the main TV show thread.

Whether that will become a reality and be included will be seen once I get going with the add-on.
I was wondering how you would have got around the differences if it was all in one. I just wish my members would have had more interest in the mover one as it's a big hit on my VB site as you know. Oh well maybe I will just wait and see how the music one is as they are into music
Just a quick update. This is coming along nicely. It's still quite a way off from release, mainly because certain important parts of the API aren't working yet.

Well it is looking great so far
I just checked the API yesterday. The genre listing for TV shows isn't done yet. Until that's done, this is on hold.
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No talk of it, but I just posted asking the usually hated question of 'When...'
There's nothing wrong with asking. It seems to me that the categories would be the same as movies.
The developer of the API has the Genre listing scheduled for December 31st. That doesn't mean it will be done, it all depends on if they finish it or push it to the next release date which has been done once already.
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