[OzzModz] Online/Offline Badges

[OzzModz] Online/Offline Badges 2.0.2

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Bug report for version: 2.0.0

I really loved this Online/Offline badge until I realized it was throwing server errors every 2 seconds. When I found the problem I had almost 1000 paged of server errors.:
[E_USER_WARNING] Cannot call method isOnline on a non-object (NULL)

It was the "isOnline" part that made me first thing if this add-on since it deals with online/offline status. So, I disabled the add-on and the errors stopped.
I hope this can be resolved as I really love the mod. Anyway, if I can be of any assistance let me know,

Posting of of the 18 thousand error (LOL) but they're all pretty similar.

Full error trace:
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