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Hi Ozz, sorry to bother you, but where exactly can a user find all their notes in one place? As is often the case, I'll probably stumble on it immediately after I post this, but right now I'm looking for a "My notes" menu item of some kind and can't find it.
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There is no such page at the moment. Notes are only available on the thread view page.
I added this to the TODO list for a future update.
I guess my fault for not asking first! But yeah, it would be great to have all the same functionality in a central repository. As it is now, there's no way for users to track what notes they left where unless they're maybe correlating them all with bookmarks or something, and I can foresee a gazillion notes being created and forgotten about over time. Relieved to know this is a planned feature! Thank you
Ozz, can you tell me where exactly to find the "[OzzModz] Overlay Data Template Context" addon?
One more thing. I hate to be asking for more already, but it would be great if there was a permission for a user to see only his own notes. I want users to be able to add notes to all threads, but not necessarily to see my own notes - or anyone else's. Hope that's something you can consider. And thanks again for the latest update!
I realize that there's a default message here to use the bug report form for bugs, but I'm not seeing this form. So sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but there does appear to be a bug to do with the permissions, unless I'm misunderstanding something. If I enable the "View 'thread notes' member tab on own profile" permission for a user group, members of that group still cannot see the thread notes tab on their profiles. It only appears if I also enable "View 'thread notes member tab on other profiles" - but then of course they can see everyone else's notes.