Why move from VB to Xenforo?

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So a question which has been asked many a time.

Why should I go from vB to Xenforo?
I have no real problems with my vB Forum so why move to Xenforo?

List of reasons I guess is what I am looking for....
Well the best reason is that it seems you might just be alone in that room soon and be charged with having to turn the lights out when you leave :D

Well to be serious I also had those feelings but now down the line it was the best move for the forum all round. We have better support really nice software and my members are very happy all round. So just for that it was worth the effort to move.
1) vB3 - Dead.
2) vB4 - For the most part, dead. No development, most likely security patches only.
3) vB5 - I don't need to tell you about that.
4) IB is now owned by the same people that own GoDaddy.
5) https://snogssite.com/threads/notice-premium-vbulletin-add-ons-end-of-life.625/#post-8712 (and they've lost another 300 users since that post, or another 10% of their users since June 18th)

XF - Full support and constantly under development.
Well it seems that Snog has covered it all, so when you moving over then ;)
I used to use vB back in the day. I just found it way to complicated to use as the AdminCP wasn't the most well laid out in the world. After vB4 I just can't see using it anymore as vB5 is a joke. xF just keeps gaining more and more ground in the forum market. It's fast and easy to use. All around better software and it's brought to you by the 2 guys that made vB3 as good as it was.
This is the thing being done by them sort of makes you feel secure that it will be around for some time and only improve version on version
So I guess the next thing to think about is how about the importer?
I see it has a bult in one from VB to Xenforo, but also there are paid importers.

What's the best to use?
Is it nice and straight forward?

My site isn't really that big:
For a site that size, the built in importer should work just fine.

DirtRider's site is about 9 times larger and his imported without a hitch.

Threads: 32,353
Posts: 204,125
Members: 2,341
Will al attchments and pictures in posts/Threads come over fine with that built in importer?

Also a good home page mod is also on the list of things.
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Yes they do.

If you're in doubt, I'm sure someone could do the import and redirects for you fairly inexpensively.
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The only problem they came over as thumbnails but I think Andy B has an add on to sort that out if you want to.
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Yes the redirects for the DBSEO links are important, that's what worries me the most.
I was quoted $200 for someone from Xenforo to do all the above which I thought was a lot...

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Who is Andy B?
Ask him I am sure he had something like that but I might have been mistaken he does have so many mods
There's an easier way.

All that's needed is a database query to replace the attach bbcode with attach=full in posts.
Oh yes I remember there was a way around that, Andy had the hotlink mod that I was thinking about.